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Its an AU. Harry’s a Shadow Mage. Neville is ‘The Boy Who Lived’. And so, they decide to rob them all blind. Warning: twincest. During this year, Harry Potter studies under Nicolas Flamel, is forced to deal with a Vampire Princess, and learns there is yet another danger lurking within the walls of Hogwarts, one that’s been around since the time of the Founders. What’s a poor student with perfect memory to do? Sequel to Gift of Memories.

Naruto And Tenten Dating Fanfiction

Welcome one and all to my new Naruto drama. This is going to be a new Naruto. Please enjoy. As always please read and review. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

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Revenge (A Naruto Fanfic)

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She comes home one day to find her boyfriend of 6 years cheating on her. Heartbroken, Sakura vows off all love. Ino, her best friend, asks her.

AN: -casually places this story here- So here I am again, writing a new story for you guys. Like, how can I even explain myself? I just start writing things and then forget about other stories that I have started. I just needed to write this story, it’s been something that has been on mind for a really long time. I’m not sure when I’ll start posting this story, hopefully when it’s finished.

That way I can focus on my other two unfinished stories.

Ino Yamanaka July — Top 15 submitted Ino fanfic ideas

Disclaimer: Don’t own Naruto and company. This was removed a year ago and its coming back, a little cleaned up and combined. Wait, that isn’t the chime alarm Naruto got me for our anniversary. Ino’s blue eyes snapped open seconds before she rolled out of bed and landed with a THUMP on the floor. Looking around she realized she was in her room…a room she hadn’t lived in since after she made Chunin. She frowned.

Same, just got done with a few of the under 10, words stories and I’m looking for more.

Everyone cheered except for Narutos friends. He was no where to be found. The hero that just saved the world minutes ago couldn’t be found. He was easily forgotten by the majority due to the relief they felt from there no more being a reason to fight. Suddenly screaming was heard. Sakura recognised the voice to belong to Sasuke. He was yelling for help.

Sakura walked up one of the crater walls created by the fierce battle.

Sakura asked you guys are dating and you never told me. Shikamaru and Neji wrapped their arms around Ino and Ten-Ten which made. Yeah, I certainly dont mind dating her. This is short but I liked it so I hope you do too. Tenten, tugging Nejis arm, almost shouted and pointed at Naruto.

It was December and her father had just discovered that Ino had been dating without permission. He approved of her romance as long as he had.

AN: This is my first story, but I would like thank FleetingInterest for allowing me to use parts of his story I could almost fall for him. It gave me the inspiration to write this story, so be sure to check it out. It was the point when Ino said those words in the anime that made me start shipping NaruIno. Anyway, on with the story. Naruto was walking through the Village Hidden in the Leaves, still overwhelmed at the praise and friendliness of everyone he passed after defeating Pain, his sibling student of the late Jiraiya.

Even though he was filled with immense hatred at Pain for killing his master and devastating his home, Pain used his Rinnegan to bring back everyone who died. This was due to Pain’s belief that Naruto can change things in the ninja world for the better. Not only that, but his mind was also filled with thoughts on what lead him to almost give up complete control to the Nine-tailed Fox — Hinata saving his life and her confession, only for her to get thrashed, stabbed through the gut, and seeing her seemingly lifeless eyes as blood poured out.

He knew he owed her big, and despite his deepest wishes, he knew Sakura would always love their former teammate, even if he was now a traitor who abandoned his home for the power necessary to fulfill his “ambition” of killing his older brother, Itachi.

He rather short for his age group and wore a rather hideously orange jumpsuit that stood out like a sore thumb and shouted ‘I am here! Kill me! It is for Ino. Ino was a classmate of his but she hadn’t been to school in the past six months.

Ino and Temari convince Sakura that she’s been dating Naruto for years. And that she’s in love with her blond friend. There’s no way that she.

Naruto Uzumaki was 18 years old now, he was a hero in every way to the village of Konohagakure but still Sakura Haruno wouldn’t date him which frustrated him as he looked in his mirror. Naruto sighed as he looked at the mirror, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him physically but thought maybe its because he was a guy that he thought that. Naruto sighed as he picked up a white button up shirt and put it on and left his bathroom and looked at his forehead protector and left it off as it was his day off.

Naruto walked out of his apartment and started to walk to Ichiraku Ramen, it always cheered him up when he was down. Naruto walked down the street and all the woman looked at him and smiled at him, he noticed this and was now more depressed as he sank his hands deeper into his pockets as he walked while thinking, “I am just going to get over her, its obvious she wants nothing to do with me” then he accidentally bumped into someone.

Naruto looked around to see he knocked someone to the ground and took out his hand and offered it, ” A female hand took his and he helped the woman off of the ground and he saw that it was Ino Yamanaka, “Oh Ino, I am really sorry about that. Ino saw that it was Naruto and gave him a friendly smile, “Oh hey Naruto, its not like you to bump into someone.

Naruto gave his typical fake smile and scratched the back of his head, “Yeah sorry about that Ino, I was just thinking about something, I can buy you some ramen to make it up to you if you like? Naruto expected her to say no, Ino was that friend that you always thought hated you, but she said sure and he was a bit surprised but he walked with her to Ichiraku. They sat down in the bar next to each other and Naruto ordered 2 bowls of ramen one for him and one for Ino, he had learned to eat in moderation recently which made people like eating with him more and he looked at his ramen, “Hey Ino, we are friends right?

Ino looked up from her ramen and at Naruto a little surprised by him asking the question, “Yeah of course we are friends Naruto, why would you ask that?

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Naruto and temari dating fanfiction. Leader Im bored kiba Lets leave in almost defeated, Shikamaru Couples ShikaTema SaiIno BoruSumi NaruSaku Gallery.

Would love suggestions for the finish. Reviews please. Hey doing a big overhaul. Someone reminded me that I’ve been lacking in punctuation so here’s the up date. Ino Yamanaka hated losing to Sakura Haruno in anything, The tall blond Kunoichi was very competitive in everything she did. Especially romance. It was December and her father had just discovered that Ino had been dating without permission.

He approved of her romance as long as he had a say in who it was. This time around she had been found “holding hands” with her guy in an alley. Inoichi was not amused. Thus Ino’s third boyfriend since she had given up on Sauske was driven away. There were many ways she could get back at her father for interfering, but none of them were worth his payback. And she couldn’t even try to see them in secret afterwards.

Naruto chooses Hinata over Sakura and Ino making them Jealous – Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3

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